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      AHMOR Interests, LLP is a closely-held private equity holding company.  The firm  is dedicated to provident investment and management of a portfolio of corporate, real estate, agriculture, venture capital and intellectual property, in concert with privately traded securities.  Equity positions are secured on behalf of a closed consortium of institutional, family trusts and qualified private investors.  The firm does not accept unsolicited investments or investors.

     Ahmor concentrates on socially responsible investments that forecast an efficient return through long-term growth, capital appreciation or dividend distribution. The firm additionally maneuvers the market's short-term focus to uncover mispriced companies whose true value will be realized over time. 

      At Ahmor we subscribe to the philosophy of analytically hedging the performance of our fiduciary responsibilities by resolved standards of practice in implementing progressive yet historically sound investment and corporate management strategies.  The firm's sagacious portfolio includes aircraft and specialized capital equipment leasing, real estate holdings, agriculture & ranching properties, epicurean services, and new-media companies.  

     Ahmor's commitment to research and integrity is the cornerstone of perspicacious asset stewardship on which the firm's assets are allocated.  Intensive fundamental research is essential to our proprietary analytical investment processes.  The forward thinking academically distinguished decision makers of Ahmor program achievement of the firms investment objectives by identifying and indemnifying critical variables early on and consistently.   Advised  consideration is given to insuring a stable perspective and patient investment philosophy in on a planet of existential evolving issues.

     As stewards of the future we value the importance of learning in a broader context and share our resources in promoting education and financial literacy in under-served communities.  Ahmor is engaged in result based social responsibility initiatives as both contributor and originator.

    Ahmor Interests is a Limited Liability Corporation employing and retaining licensed professional corporations.


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