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Systemic Giving Back Paying Forward Philanthroply

Together with your compassion and our network of expertise
we will impact change to achieve an equitable difference.

     Legacy Endowment Partners established Standing The Gap Fund to facilitate the fulfillment of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on behalf of underserved nonprofit health institutions as a Corporate and Social Responsibility initiative of Ahmor Interests in January 2020.   Inspired initially as a vehicle for clients and partners of the firm to efficiently source N95 mask for donation evolved to the firm resourcing seven vital PPE supplies directly from FDA certified manufactures in China and Viet Nam.

   The Coronavirus pandemic’s exposure to health and medical inequities in historically underserved communities gave impetus our mission to insure both access and cost savings to critical PPE for non-profit hospitals and care homes in those communities.  To this end, Filling The Gap Fund was created to fulfill PPE at manufactures EXT price plus shipping to qualified marginalized patient health and medical providers.


    This initiative was closed December 31st 2020.  A remnant of less than 900 N95 masks are available for gifting to non-profit organizations in increment of 75 masks as of August 17th, 2021.  The firm plans to donate the remaining masks to three downtown Los Angeles skid row missions.

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