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Corporate Social Responsibility

     At Ahmor we take our corporate and social responsibilities ("CSR") seriously.  We are committed to advancing policies and systems across the firms activities and holdings to ensure that we address and monitor all aspects of CSR that are relevant to our business model.  These include sound ethical behavior, concern for employee welfare, care for the environment and community involvement.  We recognize that or social, environmental and ethical conduct has an impact on our reputation and those we serve.  Therefore the firms commits to continual improvement in our performance, efficient use of natural resources and aspire to Zero Harm to people and the environment.


   Mellody Sission, leads Ahmor's philanthropic objectives and is president  of Legacy Endowment Foundation, a non-profit Beneficial Corporation established by Ahmor Interests.  Ms. Sisson is a member of the firm's investment committee which insures our investments are compliant with the firm's moral philosophy to invest in company's with proven records of environmental sustainability, human dignity, social services involvement and religious freedom.  


     Ahmor donates 10% of its annual income to charitable 501 C-3 organizations and in initiatives originated by the firm that underwrites or promotes underserved domestic community needs.  This includes developmental, educational, medical and literacy deficiencies domestically and in specific African nations.  Ahmor moreover commits 10% of its professional resources defined by expertise and volunteer time with non-profit civic, social and faith based organizations in underserved communities.  These initiatives address domestic deficiencies in education, health care, housing, senior care, nutrition, justice reform and evidence based socially impactful Christian ministry.

      In the aftermath of the financial crisis our philanthropic efforts increased in support of organizations that are developing bold, sometimes risky approaches to solving timely, critical and emerging social issues.

      Ahmor has recently unveiled a commitment to investment of $1 million over three years in cash and other support to connect minority young people by synergizing education and career opportunities.  As part of the program, the firm is establishing the Umoja Project, a non-profit new-media company conceived to as a clearinghouse of resources to inspire, engage and support African-American teens in education, the arts and mentoring programs.  The firm is a participant in mentorship programs through but not limited to non-profits such as Management Leadership For Tomorrow.  Ahmor partners with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and others in developing a network of entrepreneurs dedicated to supplying health clinics, education, mentoring, technological development, legal services and human rights activism domestically and in African nations.  The firm support the Global Environment and Technology Foundation's work in African to replenish water sources, improve access to safe drinking water and provide hygiene education.

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